Slippery when wet!

As We enter the beginning of Summer let's all remember that wet things and electronics don't mix. We all love underwater selfies with dolphins, or the sunset on Alki beach with our significant other snapping the right moment to post to social media. However you take your pics, snaps, and grams this year please remember, or not, that your fancy pocket super computer will not work like it's supposed to after a dip into the Puget. 

Through the years as we have seen the increase in smartphone photography we have also seen a increase in water damage repairs. Don't judge now, we have all been guilty of taking our phone out while we are on break in the bathroom and checking twitter or instagram trying to keep up with life then BOOM, iPhone in the toilet! OH NO! QUICK QUICK! Well sadly it's too late for that, but all is not lost my friends. As sure as my beard is awesome, and it is, we can treat water damage. The results are actually all on you, that's right you. We do the same treatment every time, but a lot of what happens after the device gets wet will determine the outcome of the repair. 

If you have been unfortunate enough to go diggin' in the honey hole for your smartphone then you need to do two things immediately, turn it off and come in to Mobi Repair Shop and let us fix it. Also please tell us if you dropped it in a honey hole so we can put gloves on, that's just gross. We will do our very best to get your device dried out, cleaned from corrosion, and replace any necessary parts to make it work like new again. One more thing everyone should know about water damage, rice doesn't work. You might as well cross your fingers and eyes and sing kumbaya. You're wasting valuable time by letting the electricity surge through the phone and create corrosion in the device which can short circuits and cook motherboards. 

So friends and neighbors hopefully our little talk today will save you time and money, and if you didn't listen and you were trying to get the perfect selfie and things got slippery, then bring it to Mobi today .