Frequently Asked Questions


How long does it take to repair a device?

On average, repairs take about 30 minutes or less. This all depends on the model of the device being repaired. We like to be quick with our repairs (while still being professional) because we know your time is valuable.

Do You accept credit cards?

We most certainly do! We also accept Discover and American Express. *high-five*

What iPhones do you repair?

We are able to repair iPhone 5, 5S, 5C, SE, 6, 6+, 6S, 6S+, 7,  7+, and X.
Most common repairs for iPhones is the screen, but we can replace batteries, charging ports, volume/power buttons, those pesky camera lens covers, and even the whole frame of the phone if it is too damaged.

Will I lose my data when getting a repair?

No data will be lost during the most common repairs. Although if your iPhone has made contact with liquid, there is a chance of data loss, but we ALWAYS inform you of that before hand, and do everything we can to ensure your data is safe and sound.

How long does it take to repair an iPad screen?

Typical iPad repair can be done in an hour. If we have to order a part, that will obviously be a longer repair time, but for the most part, expect your iPad to be done in an hour. :)

How long does it take to replace the screen on my Samsung device?

Samsung phones take about 45 minutes or less to complete when the part is ready to go. West Seattle has some great local businesses to check out, so grab a drink or a bite to wat while your device is getting repaired. :)

My phone's touch doesn't seem to respond like it used to. What is the cause of that?

This would be a result of a defective digitizer (touch sensor) in the screen. Defective part means...lifetime warranty! YAY! Just bring your phone in, and we will take care of it for you.

Do you need my passcode for repairs?

Most of the time, no. We want to make sure your data is safe, and you feel comfortable letting us work on your phone while you are away for a bit. The only time we ask for your passcode is if we are performing quality tests that requires getting into the phone while you're away. Your privacy and happiness with repairs are our top priority.

Lifetime Guarantee? WHAT?!

Yes, you read that correctly. All our repairs come with a lifetime guarantee for any defects that may show up. As long as the replacement part doesn't have any physical damage to it, we got you covered. Just bring your device in, and we will take care of the rest. No questions asked. :)

Do I need an appointment?

No appointments are needed. Stop on by any time that works for you, and we will get things taken care of for you. :)

How long does it take to repair the screen on my iphone?

iPhone screen repairs take 30 minutes or less to complete. We always keep a fresh stock of parts, so you should have no worries about it taking longer than that.

What iPads do you repair?

We can repair all the iPads ranging from the iPad 2 on up to the most current iPad Pro models. We keep stock of most models in house to make turn around time and repairs quicker, but if we don't have the part needed, we can certainly get one ordered in.

What Samsung devices do you repair?

We are able to repair the whole Galaxy line of phones. We normally don't stock Samsung screens because the parts vary with the color, and carrier of your device. Don't let that get you down though. We are more than happy to get a part ordered in for you. *hugs*

Where do you get your replacement parts?

We get all our replacement parts from a handful of U.S. based suppliers. All the parts we order are of the same quality as the original factory screen. Cheap, low quality parts make us sad, and we dont want to make you sad either. Our suppliers offer a lifetime warranty for any defective parts that may have gotten by their quality check before being sent out, which is why we expent that warranty to you. :)

Do you store credit card information?

That would be a big N-O, cowboy. Our merchant service uses the ever wonderful SSL securing of data, so you will have no worries about things getting in the wrong hands.